Icons Award Winner 2021 - PUWEMS


Congratulations to the Plymouth Wilderness and Expedition Medicine Society for achieving their Icons Award during a difficult year for student groups. You deserve it for all your work throughout the year! 



The UPSU Icons Awards celebrate our Sports Clubs and Societies that have gone above and beyond throughout this year. There are certain criteria each group has to complete to win their award which is then approved by the UPSU Sports and Societies Teams. This year we have seen so many amazing things happen throughout our student community, including the efforts of PUWEMS Society.



Who are Plymouth Wilderness and Expedition Medicine Society:     


"Wilderness and expedition medicine is the remote and improvised care of illness or trauma, with limited resources and manpower, and delayed evacuation to definitive care. Humans have always had the desire to explore, meaning wilderness medical care extends far back in history, but in recent years the increasing exploration and inhabitation of wilderness areas has seen an increase in the demand and interest in wilderness and expedition medicine. We hope to provide you the opportunity to explore this further.


However, this society is not exclusive to medical students, all students are welcome as long as you're keen to be outdoors! 


The aim - 


- To inspire students to explore wilderness and expedition medicine and learn how to deal with life threatening situations in remote environments


- To equip students with the skills needed to provide good medicine in challenging environments through workshops and conferences 


- To practice these skills on expeditions throughout the year


- To provide networking opportunities in the world of wilderness and expedition medicine"


- Plymouth Wilderness and Expedition Medicine Society



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Committee Members behind the Society - 

  • President - Dáire Magorrian 
  • Vice President - Kathryn Green 
  • Health & Safety - James Reynolds
  • Treasurer - Nathan Mitchell
  • Trip Sec - Erin Linwood
  • Workshop Sec - Jordan Hargreaves




Plymouth Wilderness and Expedition Medicine Society Successes:


There ain't no mountain high enough to stop Plymouth University Wilderness and Expedition Medicine Society from giving the best student experience for its members this year. They have reviewed, completed and signed off all relevant documents required by the Students’ Union Societies Department and updated their webpage on the UPSU website, as well as missing no more than three Society Forums this year.

The society has held a successful Annual General Meeting (AGM) and complied with all the SU’s policies and procedures while keeping in touch with the relevant Activities Coordinators with updates from the committee. The group has ensured the core committee members attended compulsory training, registered all trips, tours and events with the Students’ Union and demonstrated effective financial management with their budgets and funding.


PUWEMS has been in consistent communication with the SU through email and meeting with SU staff. the committee have hosted at least fortnightly events and socials for their members including Strava challenges, Stretch with Pete online sessions, and a Mass Casualties workshop with Dr Dave Hillebrandt, along with producing successful social media campaigns like their ‘Meet the Committee’ campaign on the society’s Instagram.



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The Wilderness and Expedition Medicine Society has hosted some very successful fundraising events this year, including their Dartmoor Way Challenge for Trevi and Dartmoor Search & Rescue, a 108-mile circular route around the edge of Dartmoor, raising a whopping £3200 to be split between both charities. As well as Christmas Lectures with some fantastic speakers that encouraged donations for Dartmoor Search and Rescue too. The committee has shown effective communication with their members through social media and sharing meeting notes online, as well as hosting an online introduction to the society at the beginning of the year. 


And lastly, but by far means not least, the society has supported a national campaign by promoting the Eco Medics Conference which aims to improve the sustainability of medicine, particularly in their field. They worked effortlessly to support their team in the Dartmoor Way Challenge event which was externally recognised by The Dartmoor Way on social media as well as a news story on the UPSU website.

PUWEMS has shown that even in the hardest of years, the sun will still shine, and we're so proud of the amazing work the society has done this year and absolutely deserves this award. 




Congratulations from all of us here at UPSU!

The Plymouth Wilderness and Expedition Medicine Society has been awarded their Icons for all the amazing work they have done over this year, voluntarily and on top of their own studies, this couldn't be more deserved and we can wait to see what you bring to your Students' Union next year! 





Stay tuned and keep an eye on our social media channels over the coming weeks to read a profile of each student group that has achieved Icons this year.

You’ll be able to find out more about what they did to receive this award and how you can get involved in September. 


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