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Student Groups win their Icons Awards 2022

Written by: UPSU



The UPSU Icons Awards celebrate our Sports Clubs and Societies that have gone above and beyond throughout this year. There are certain criteria each group has to complete to win their award which is then approved by the UPSU Sports and Societies Teams. 

This year we have seen so many amazing things happen throughout our student community and we want to celebrate all of them  



This year all clubs and societies had to complete mandatory criteria to be affiliated with UPSU, this includes basic day-to-day running of the student group by creating a Development Plan for the year, completing all forms on time, complying with all UPSU Policies and Procedures and keeping in regular contact with Sports/Activity Coordinators, amongst others. 



Bronze Icons:


To receive their Bronze Icons award, the club or society must have completed all the mandatory criteria first and then go on to achieve one of their Development Plan objectives, volunteer as a group in the community for more than 5 hours with a minimum of 15% of the group members. They must register all their trips and activities with their relevant coordinators, as well as raise over £500 for charity or host 2 charity events in the year. These are just a few of the achievements needed for success at the bronze level.

Congratulations to the following Clubs and Societies for their efforts and for gaining their Bronze Icons Award:

University of Plymouth Clay Pigeon Shooting Club

University of Plymouth Pole Dancing Club

University of Plymouth Women's Football Club

University of Plymouth Tropical Island Society

University of Plymouth Wilderness and Expedition Medicine Society



Silver Icons:


For a student group to claim their Silver Icons award they must complete all Mandatory and Bronze award criteria first, then they must boost their volunteering hours to over 20 hours as a group with 15% of their members, hold a beginners / welcome session to encourage student participation, raise an additional £500 to bring their years total to over £1000. Use their connections to organise at least one joint social with another student group and encourage at least 25% of their members to vote in the UPSU Elections along with 3 additional other objectives chosen by the committee.

Congratulations to the following Clubs and Societies for their incredible work this year and for gaining their Silver Icons Award:

University of Plymouth Dance Club

University of Plymouth Lacrosse Club

University of Plymouth Men's Football

University of Plymouth Environmental Society

University of Plymouth Paediatrics Society (PUPS)



Gold Icons:


To achieve the highest level of Icons, the student groups need to show how they have gone above and beyond to provide an incredible experience for their members. They must complete all the criteria for Mandatory, Bronze and Silver Icons, as well as complete the remaining objectives on their group Development Plan and must prove they have implemented members' feedback to improve their club or society. Raise an additional £500 for charity throughout the year, totalling £1500 and over 40 hours of volunteering in the community as a group with 25% of members involved. They must encourage 50% of their members to vote in the UPSU Elections with 3 other criteria chosen by the student group. 

Congratulations to the following Clubs and Societies for excelling in what they do and being the best that Plymouth can offer and for gaining their Gold Icons Award:

University of Plymouth Netball Club

University of Plymouth Women's Hockey Club

University of Plymouth Men's Hockey Club

University of Plymouth Cheerleading Club

University of Plymouth Debate Society



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