How to: Share a success story



Have you done something amazing while you study?

Or seen something incredible from another student at the University of Plymouth?

Or has your student group achieved greatness? 

Then share it with us using our 'Share a Success Tool'.



By completing a simple set of questions your news story will be shared across all of our platforms, which includes the SU WebsiteFacebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as the SU weekly newsletter sent to all students at the University.

If you're wondering what to write or what kind of stories have been shared before, we have a selection of previous success stories on the page that you can see for some inspiration!




So what do you need to do? 


  1. You can find a link to the Sharing a Success tool from the menu on our website
  2. It's as simple as filling in your name and email.
  3. After this, you will need to decide if you want to complete the online questions or upload a Microsoft Word document with all of the required details. (we recommend writing your story in a Word Document, if you leave the webpage before hitting send, you'll lose all your hard work)
  4. When you are filling out this document be sure to be as thorough as possible as this will help us to put together the best story to highlight your success, however, be sure to check with all members who are involved that they are happy to be included in your story. It is your responsibility to do this.
  5. Next, when uploading any images it is important to understand that all file sizes must be under 5MB, otherwise your story will not be submitted to us successfully. If you have any issues adding photos, you can always add your images to a free Google Drive, add the link into your form and we can take things from there.
  6. Finally, you'll get an email from one of our team with a link when your story is live on the SU Website, as well as details on when and how it will be shared on social media! If you spot any errors, you can reply to this email to let us know.


It's that simple! We can't wait to hear what you've been up to!


Submit your Success StoryClick here