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Drinkaware Crew: Same ‘Club Hosts’, different name

After a successful first year at UPSU, returning this term is the in-venue intervention Drinkaware Crew, previously known as Club Hosts.

Who are they?
Drinkaware Crew are specially trained student staff working in bars and clubs in order to reduce drunken anti-social behaviour within the club and to keep UPSU students safe and make sure that you have a good night.

Why has the name changed?
UPSU were the only University involved in the pilot of the Drinkaware Crew scheme and now that the pilot phase is over, Drinkaware have changed the name of the Club Hosts based on feedback received from the Hosts that that they were often mistaken for drinks hosts or promotional staff.

What does this mean for me as a student?
Absolutely nothing! Next time you are at a club night at the SU, look out for the people in Drinkaware Crew t-shirts and if you do need any help, just let them know.

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