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A Level Results 2019



Congratulations to everyone who received their A Level results this morning and we can't wait to meet those of you joining us at the University of Plymouth next month!


Your Sabbatical Officer team are elected by University of Plymouth students to represent you and work full-time on your behalf on various issues across all areas of your student life. Find out more about them and what they can do for you here.

Starting university is incredibly exciting but it can also be daunting, here are some tips for making sense of it all from your Sabbatical Officer team:


"Try and do other things outside of studying, join a society, volunteering, etc. Whatever you like to do, it’s almost guaranteed there’s a society or a sports club who do that, and if there isn’t, make one! You’ll get all the support you could want from the SU."
Millie Green, VP Education


"At university and especially during Freshers’ Week, there’s a lot of pressure to drink, but if you think drinking is going to worsen your mental health, lower your mood or just not make you feel very good, it’s okay to say no. People won’t judge you and there’s plenty of activities you can do without drinking."
Tilda Fraser, UPSU President


"One thing you should be conscious of is your spending. Try and be prudent and economical. Learn how to manage your money, budget for the week, a day, whichever, but stick to it! It’s easy to spend money, so leave your card at home when you go for a night out. Take cash and only spend that!"
Chukwudi Kosi Ezenyi (KC), VP Activities & Development


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