Coming to study at the University of Plymouth this year?

Are you coming to study at the University of Plymouth this year? Our Advice Centre has some words of advice to think about before you decide.

Student Finance

Don’t delay in applying for your finance, even if you are not sure whether you are definitely going to start University or even if you are not sure if you are going to choose the University of Plymouth. Apply as if you are, and then change your application later. Your student finance will not be paid out, either to you or to the University, until you have enrolled and are definitely studying at the University of Plymouth in 20/21. You can always change your University, your course, the amount you want to borrow, etc at a later stage, but applying early gives time to resolve any issues in the application process in plenty of time for your funding to be in place by the time you start your course.

Thinking of deferring a year?

Many students may be considering this option in the current situation. However, do remember that this will mean that there will be increased competition for places in 21/22 so if you have been offered a place in 20/21 and decide to defer a year, make sure you obtain written confirmation from the University that a place will be reserved for you.


We do not yet know how social distancing will impact on student accommodation, both privately rented accommodation and student halls of residence. You should be aware that, by signing up to either, you will be entering a legally binding contract and will be expected to pay the rent specified for the duration of the contract. You should ensure that any expectation you have of how social distancing will work in your chosen accommodation is confirmed to you in writing by the accommodation provider. You might want to request the inclusion of a clause in the agreement which releases you from it in the event of a future lockdown situation.

You might wish to think about the impact social distancing will have when living with a group of people you do not know well and who may not always act in ways that coincide with your own views and behaviours.

Delivery of your course

The University will have communicated to you how it expects to deliver your course during the 20/21 academic year and will ask you to sign a Student Contract before you begin your course. The Student Contract sets out the expectations of how your course will be delivered in line with the requirements of the CMA (Competition & Markets Authority). It is important that you retain all the information and communication (promotional literature, emails, letters, screenshots) which you have used to inform your choice to study at the University of Plymouth should you wish to challenge the University at any point in the future.




Your SU Advice Centre

We are here to support you through your time at University, we provide free, confidential and independent advice on a range of issues. As a member of the Students' Union, you have free access to an advice centre that can support you with a variety of issues.

Our team of friendly advisors have experience in dealing with all types of student enquiries so you can rest assured that you will get the right information. The Advice Centre office is closed but we are still accessible via email

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