Becoming an alumni: support after graduating from UoP

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Have you just finished your final year exams or handed in that last bit of coursework? If you are saying goodbye to student life at the University of Plymouth and heading out into the world ready to start your career in your chosen field, this may feel a little daunting and it is perfectly okay to feel this way. Please remember, that you are not alone in how you feel and you have access to professional support even once you have left the University.

Graduating from Plymouth means you become part of a thriving alumni community with a range of fantastic benefits including reunions, networking, a digital magazine and access to a whole range of University of Plymouth services.



Join the University of Plymouth alumni community


Please make sure you update your details to ensure you get the full list of benefits available to you as part of our global alumni community. Stay connected with the alumni community.


Alumni groups and networks

There are various opportunities for alumni to connect with each other, from sector-specific groups to regional and international networks, students can network both socially and professionally not matter where they are in the world. Networks include: 



Alumni news, events and reunions

University of Plymouth events and reunions offer graduates the opportunity to re-connect with friends made at the University and make new connections. 

The University of Plymouth also runs hundreds of events each year which alumni are welcome to attend. Find out more about these events here.


Our new series of global alumni-led events allow you to reconnect and network with your local fellow Plymouth graduates. Completely hosted by you and supported by your Alumni Team, these events will enable you to reminisce with your friends and grow your community. -- University of Plymouth on Plymouth Days


Thinking about arranging a reunion? Many University of Plymouth graduates have organised reunions and come back to visit campus to reminisce about their time here. If you are interested in organising a reunion, please contact:


Invenite: a magazine for alumni, supporters and friends of the University of Plymouth

Invenite is free and accessible online to anyone. The most recent issue includes interviews with both current students and alumni, as well as looking at developments on campu and within the city of Plymouth. Check it out here.



Career support


As a University of Plymouth graduate, you have access to the Careers Service, job search support, networking opportunities and more.

When you log into your myCareer Digital Resources you will have access to a number of useful interactive tools:

Access to myCareer Digital Resources continues after graduation. Update your profile to a non-university email to continue access or contact us.


If you have graduated, or are about to graduate and feel stuck on what to do next, check out the University of Plymouth's 4-steps to help you in your career decision-making: 


1. Use the Prospects Career Planner that matches your skills, motivations and desires. This is linked to the Prospects job profiles which will give you a window into hundreds of different graduate occupations and it’s completely free!

2. Explore your career options using our new Where could your degree subject take you pages. This resource takes an in-depth look at all of Plymouth's degree subjects and gives you information on the knowledge and skills acquired during your degree, career options based on where University of Plymouth graduates have gone before and lists graduate employers. Alternatively, you can also use the “What can I do with my degree” section on the Prospects website.

3. Book a one to one careers guidance interview with one of our qualified career advisers. To contact the Careers team you can complete the online form via MyCareer or email us at

4. Attend one of our online skills webinars range from Job search strategies, LinkedIn Masterclass and interview techniques. Discover more on our events and skill development page.



 Support the University as a graduate


There are various ways that you can help support the University and future generations of Plymouth alumni, from mentoring a student to donating a financial gift for a specific project. -- University of Plymouth



Find out more about how you, as a graduate, can help support the University and future generations of Plymouth alumni here.



Your SU President, Tonari Arikekpar, has been attending some recent University of Plymouth graduations, including Art, Design and Architecture, Business School, and Nursing and Midwifery! 

Find out more about your SU President, Tonari Arikekpar here, and get in touch:


   SU President, Tonari Arikekpar and Roger Deakins - British cinematographer

  SU President, Tonari Arikekpar and Judith Petts - UoP VC