Daniella Marley



As your President, my passion for student education and experiences would drive me to deliver my main aims of creating a deeper sense of community and ensuring every student has a voice. I will focus on accessibility, inclusivity, and empowerment. I would work with the other sabbaticals, part-time officers, staff, and students, to enable everyone to make the most of their time at Plymouth University.

I am the first in my family to attend university and I am running as president to create the best version of Plymouth university. I am a carer; I volunteer with a range of charities, raising money and making national change; and I organise events at venues across the Southwest.

I have been the Welfare Officer, the course representative for business, an active member of five societies, and am on two committees. At my previous schools I was Student President, Student Chair of Council, President of the LGBT+ society, and I organised a student run magazine.

As a fresh face at the university, I bring new and innovative ideas to the Student Union. As an individual from a lower-class background, I bring understanding and empathy to those who financially struggle at university. As a woman, I bring a perspective less often heard. As a disabled student, I bring resilience and resourcefulness. And as an LGBT+ individual, I bring the voices of my queer siblings to the forefront of the conversation.  


My key aims are:

  •  Raise awareness of and improve university facilities such as water fountains, healthier vending machine options- including vegan and gluten free-, and access to defibrillators on campus
  •  Develop spiking prevention and procedures further
  •  Reevaluate distribution of SU funding for clubs and societies
  •  An increase in interactive educational events
  • Stronger support for international students, including addressing accommodation concerns



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