Advice regarding Academic Appeals 2017-18

If you wish to appeal, we’ve listed some information about appeals below for when you’ve got your transcript. 

  • When do results come out?

For most undergraduate courses the official results will be published by the 13th July 2018.Students on Health related courses, or attending a Partner College may not receive their results on this date.

  • How will I get them?

Results are available on the portal and they will also be sent to the address you have listed as your Home Address.You can change this address to reflect where you will be over this time, but it is important to change it back again.

  • Viewing your results on the portal.
    Only the front page of your results can be viewed online.  There is a link to take you to the accompanying notes, and it is essential to look at these notes if you have failed an element of your assessment.  The University sends out an accompanying letter with your results informing you of the Award Boards decision and what steps to take next. This letter is not available online. If in any doubt you should ring your Faculty Office.
  • What to do if you do not agree with your results.

The University has an appeals procedure, there are strict grounds for what can constitute an appeal.  Questioning academic judgement is not grounds for appeal. The Appeals pro forma can be found in the Student Handbook on the University website, it is always better to complete the pro forma rather than just submitting a letter.

  • Is there a deadline?

Yes.  You have 10 working days from the date your results are published.  For the majority of undergraduate courses the deadline will be the 27th July, but other courses such as health professions will vary.

  • Who can help with your Appeal?

Upsu: advice is available to discuss your appeal, we can talk to you about your specific circumstances and read through your appeal before you submit it.

  • When is upsu: advice open?

Upsu: advice has a drop in service from 11am-3pm Monday – Friday. Contact us by telephone or email outside of these times.

  • When do resits happen?

Exam resit week is 20th August until 24th August.

Coursework is usually repeated over the summer vacation and is normally due in by 16th August.

Do not assume that you are repeating / re-working the same piece of work that you failed – check your transcript.

  • Self-plagiarism… what is it?

If you receive a similar title be sure not to plagiarise yourself by copy / pasting your previous work it may be classed as an assessment offence.

  • Unsure what to do next?

Contact upsu: advice to discuss it further

Tel: 01752 588373