SU President joins new Commission to tackle violence against women and girls in Plymouth

Written by: UPSU


A new Commission has been formed in Plymouth reviewing what more needs to be done to prevent violence against women and girls in Plymouth. The Commission has brought together key experts, partners and agencies.

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Emi, your SU President, has been invited to represent the voice of students on this new Commission.


“As a young woman and student representative, it is a great honour to be on the commission and work alongside experts to improve the safety of women and girls within our city.

Over the past six months, we have seen the student's concerns around safety in Plymouth grow due to reports of drink spiking, the shooting in Keyham, and the murder of Bobbi-Anne McLeod. This issue is by no means limited to Plymouth. Only last week the murder of Ashling Murphy in Ireland has led to protests and vigils around the world as a result of  the fear, frustration and anger caused by yet another case of violence against women.

For too long, the responsibility of not being a victim has been placed on the individual, particularly - although not exclusively - women. We are told what to wear, and how to behave, but now is the time to put the focus back on the perpetrators and the root causes of these crimes. So that everyone can feel safe to enjoy their daily lives. I am proud of our council and our city for not just accepting this to be a part of daily life but by taking the responsibility and initiative to address the deeper issues and work to create long change in our city.

By being on the commission, I hope to ensure that the views of students and young adults across Plymouth are put across and listened to when making the final recommendations.”


-    Emi Dowse, UPSU President


Over the next three months the Commission will aim to shine a spotlight on the national issue of violence against women and girls and to understand more about the issue for those living in Plymouth.


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The Violence Against Women and Girls Commission for Plymouth need your feedback to better understand your experiences and help shape their future conversations. You can access the survey below, the deadline is Sunday 13th February.

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