Congratulations, class of 2020, you are getting your Graduation.

Written by: Emi Dowse, UPSU President



After 15 months of campaigning, I can finally say that the University will be giving the 2020 Graduates who completed the survey at the end of 2021 a formal Graduation ceremony on the Hoe!

More details will be announced in the coming weeks about the dates of your specific ceremony and how you can book your tickets.

For now, I recommend you provisionally block out the week of the 19th - 24th of September and start thinking about the two guests you would like to invite to YOUR GRADUATION!



2022 Graduates 


If you are a 2022 Graduate reading this, you will still be graduating on the Hoe during the week of the 19th-24th of September 2022. Both cohorts will be limited to 2 guests per person. Communication will be sent out to 2022 Graduates closer to the time. 



Campaign History 


The campaign to get the class of 2020 a Graduation began with an email from the Graduation Manager in October 2020 explaining that the University had decided to do a virtual Graduation in February instead of waiting to do a formal ceremony.

This led to meetings with the Vice-Chancellor, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Education and Student Experience, The Academic registrar and the Graduation manager, who explained that there were also plans to do some form of celebration event when restrictions allowed; however, this was not a formal graduation ceremony.



In November 2020, I posted a video update here:



Following student feedback, we knew that the majority of 2020 Graduates wanted a Graduation on the Hoe so I continued to lobby the University for a formal Graduation at every appropriate opportunity I got. This took the form of regular meetings with the Graduation Manager, lobbying the VC and the University Executives and raising it in relevant committees.


This is when I released my message of support during the 2021 Graduations with an update about the Graduation survey in October 2021.


Finally, I want to thank the Graduation Manager who has done everything he can do to ensure the class of 2020 get the Graduation they want. It has been a difficult job trying to manage covid restrictions and the wants of Graduates and their families. But we would not be getting a Graduation on the Hoe without all his work. 


- Emi Dowse – UPSU President 



For anyone who did not receive the survey or did not fill it out but now wants to attend, you can email and ask to be put on the waiting list.

You can also forward any queries to that email address and they should be able to help you.



University of Plymouth Statement:

2020 Graduates – September Graduation Event on Plymouth Hoe The University will be hosting a Graduation Ceremony for 2020 completers from 19–24 September 2022, alongside the regular ceremonies for 2022 completers, in the Graduation Marquee on Plymouth Hoe.   This decision has been taken following the Graduation Event Option Survey, which was sent to 2020 completers. All those who completed it will shortly be receiving further details about how to book tickets and other information. For further information please see the Graduation webpage.


Find out moreVisit the Graduation Website