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LGBT+ History Month Update from your PT LGBT+ Officer

Written by: Robrt Nutkins, Part-time LGBT+ Officer


LGBT+ History Month Statement

LGBT+ History month exists to create a safe and enjoyable space for everyone to learn from and share in the experiences and vibrancy of the LGBT+ community. The supreme virtue of LGBT+ people is the celebration of diversity, individuality, creativity and freedom. The freedom to love others and love yourself is an inalienable right of every person – that is the basis of the LGBT+ existence. 

While this is a message of positivity and liberty, we must remember the purpose of this month is to share in the wonderous, but also the often-scarring experiences and history of LGBT+ people and remind ourselves that the community has always been and still is under attack. In 2023, a man choosing to wear a skirt can be a case of life and death, and people are made homeless by their parents for loving someone of the same sex. LGBT+ History month is a testimony of the defiance in the face of animosity; the battles, and how they have gone on for far too long; but most of all the survival of the community and our message:

Love comes first.

Campaigns Update

I'm helping the SU President, Daniella Marley, and the Student Voice team organise LGBT+ History month here at the SU in February. LGBT+ History month is all about creating a safe and enjoyable space for everyone to learn from and share in the experiences and vibrancy of the LGBT+ community.
We've got LGBT+ artist club nights, a wellbeing fair, LGBT+ film Sundays, a sexual health seminar (twinned with the Uni's 'let's talk about sex' week), LGBT+ History and Rights fair, drag acts and many other events and activities to be added.
We would love it if you could share this information and if anyone wants to contribute to any of the events let me know, whether this is organising your own societal/club events, volunteering to help with the current plans, or just sharing the message with your members and coming along to support.
 The full line up of events can be found here:

I have also been coordinating with the LGBT+ Staff network to update the online resources available to students. I had a meeting with Ben Dobson, a mental health adviser in Student Services, along with Alex (Trans and Non Binary Officer) to reform the University’s Suicide Prevention Strategy for LGBT+ students.