Law Society Dance the Night Away at their Annual Law Ball

Written by: University of Plymouth Law Society



The Law Society Ball, like many society balls, had to wait 3 years to come back. This year it was held at the New Continental Hotel on the 29th of April 2022, each year the ball is held to recognise the success and reminisce on the accomplishments the society has had over the last year. 



Here's what the Law Society had to say on how the ball went: 

We are so glad it did! We held a massive ball for our members, fellow law students, friends, and staff to celebrate the last 3 years that we have not been able to have a ball. Awards were given to the winners of our academic awards – Mooting, Negotiations, Debating, Client Interviewing, and the Legal Triathlon. Giftbags were given to the winners of our ‘fun” awards from the committee member who went above and beyond, legally blonde, most likely to escape from prison, and most likely to be a QC! It was a truly fantastic night! If you join the society next year you will be able to attend a fantastic night.




"It was a privilege to be co-events officer this year I was able to organise, host and enjoy the Law ball. It was extra special for me as it was my first and last law ball due to covid. So, it was really important to make sure it was a night to remember for everyone. Whilst it took 11 months of planning and a lot of stress to come to fruition, I can safely say I do not regret a minute as it was an incredible night. Looking at social media the following week made me extremely happy as I could see all the memories Mollie and I had created for so many people." 

- India Ellis  Events and Activities Officer 2021/22 


"It has been a great experience to be one of the Events and Activities Officers for the UPLS this year. Having experienced my first year as a law student in the midst of a pandemic, the prospect of organising an event which could not be held for the past 3 years seemed a daunting prospect. This event involved a considerable amount of planning and a lot of emails! But whilst there were moments of stress and anxiety, seeing everything come together on the night made it all worth the while. This event was a great opportunity for not only students, but their partners and friends to come together to celebrate the end of an amazing year, and form memories of their time at university. It is a joy to see the photos and hear that those who attended had a lovely evening, as it makes the work which myself and India put into the event even more rewarding." 

- Mollie Pellowe Events and Activities Officer 2021/22



Overall the night was extremely successful, well done to the Law Society for yet another successful year 

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