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SECaM School Rep Update

Written by: Sam Fortmann

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Starting the academic year as the SECaM Representative has been nothing short of empowering, inspiring, and incredibly insightful. I was co-opted into the role in May 2023, and I’ve delved deep into the intricacies of student representation, building on my prior experience as a course rep for Marine Technology in both my first and third years. Alongside my involvement in various clubs and societies, taking on the role of a school rep has provided me with a broader perspective on student feedback, engagement, and the overall student experience. 


The crux of the role involves serving as a vital link between UPSU, the student body, and the University. While this might sound vague, the beauty of the position lies in its responsiveness to the needs of the student group I represent. It's a dynamic role guided by both my initiative and the valuable input and feedback received from students and the University of Plymouth.


My mission this year has centred around cultivating a core representation culture. I've been reconstructing a legacy significantly impacted by COVID, working closely with course reps to enhance support for our student community. Our focus is on empowering their voices and establishing robust lines of communication, promoting an informed and evidence-based feedback approach.


Together, we've forged a tight-knit team of reps dedicated to supporting student voice. Positive feedback has poured in, highlighting brilliant lecturers, excellent support, and responsive changes. Simultaneously, reps have been actively addressing concerns such as Babbage delays, semester length adjustments, and coursework deadline scheduling, ensuring diverse and high-quality feedback. This inclusive approach allows us to act on feedback and implement changes if that's what students desire. 


In my time in this role, I've come to appreciate the significance of each voice in shaping and reinforcing the quality and legacy of our institution. Every perspective contributes to the tapestry of our collective experience. Despite the challenges, we're working towards creating a positive impact. Plymouth, despite its frequent rain showers, offers abundant opportunities, and I'm excited to be part of what we, as students, can achieve to further enhance our shared experience in this beautiful part of the world. Looking ahead, there's much potential for improvement, and I'm eager to contribute to the ongoing legacy of our university.