NUS Delegate Voting Open


UPSU pays an affiliation fee to NUS each year, most students are aware of the NUS Extra card but the benefits of affiliation are so much more than that.

NUS run national and international campaigns to promote and defend student rights and also help support unions to do this at a local level. They undertake large research projects about major student issues to support their campaigns and use that research to lobby the government and other agencies.

Each year NUS holds a conference which is attended by elected students who represent the student body at their university. We can send 7 delegates, one of whom is the President who attends as part of their role.

What do Delegates do?

  • Delegates are expected to gather student feedback; both on ideas for motions for UPSU to submit and about how students would like them to vote on motion.
  • Delegates then debate and amend the motions up to a point where they are ready for voting
  • Each delegate gets to vote on each motion that has been discussed, this then forms the work of NUS for the forthcoming year
  • Delegates get to vote for the leadership of NUS – candidates from all over the country stand to be President, and Vice Presidents which specific remits.
  • Delegates vote to approve reports from elected leaders and approve the finances of NUS

Read what previous delegates thought about the conference

Candidates will be giving a short speech at the Annual Student Meeting on the 5th December, from 18:00 in the Main Bar

If you have any further questions about the NUS Conference or how to stand as a delegate, please contact the Student Voice team