Free workshop, improve your CV and Skills

UPSU and UNITE Students are hosting a day of workshops for all Plymouth University Students, to help them consider and develop their core skill areas. The ‘Build Your Future’ event on Saturday 17th February, will see topics such as ‘Getting The Most Out Of Meetings’ and ‘Effective Communication’ covered by a mixture of experts from UPSU staff, to external organisations.

UPSU’s Alex Doyle (VP Activities) said, “Abilities such as team working, emotional intelligence and mental health awareness, are all crucial for students to effectively engage in their current activities, but will also be necessary for them to successfully engage in their future employment. It’s why the event shall also be offering a space for students to reflect on where they are with their own abilities, so they can take action to develop these accordingly”.

The event shall open with Rachael Howourth from Momentum South West Ltd. providing a “magical formula for leadership success”, before following into a programme of the following workshops, with a free lunch in between:

  • How are you feeling? - Learn a little about Emotional Intelligence and its impact on your life. 
  • Getting The Message Across - Develop effective communication skills. 
  • Struggling with teamwork? - Discover tools to get any team working together and on the right track.
  • What's your leadership style? - Test yourself through set challenges to work out what styles of leadership you tend to use.  
  • Get The Most Out Of Meetings - Time is precious, don’t let a meeting waste it! 
  • Growing The Wellbeing - Student Wellbeing Services: Aiming to Grow the Wellbeing of all Students for now and beyond.

This event is being sponsored by UNITE Students, and supported by Plymouth University’s: Careers and Employability Service, Student Wellbeing Service, Futures Centre and Alumni Team. Emma Bacon from UNITE Students said, “As the UK’s largest student accommodation provider, students are at the heart of our business. We are fully invested in creating a Home For Success, helping them grow and succeed, at university and beyond. We are proud to support the Plymouth Students’ Union with their inaugural ‘Build Your Future’ event. This is a platform for attendees to expand their skill sets and enhance their CVs.”

Spaces are still available. Find out more and book your space here.


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