The Future Influences The Present Just As Much As The Past: Love, Passion, and Sarcasm

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Avid music enthusiast Tom Holmes graces SU:Media with his vibrant review of ModernSky UK's THE FUTURE INFLUENCES THE PRESENT JUST AS MUCH AS THE PAST. 



  • An EP by ModernSky UK

ModernSky UK, the Liverpool-based sister label to ModernSky Beijing, are showcasing the best in Northern music with their first vinyl sampler, The Future Influences the Present Just as Much as the Past. This offering boasts four amazing summer tracks by Catholic Action, Violet Youth, FUSS and Pixey. If you want to listen along whilst reading this review, you can find the sampler right here:


1: “Doing Well” – Catholic Action

Doing Well is such a happy song with a lot of bite. You immediately discover this Northern pub anthem in-the-making, and it makes you want to run down to the beach with your mates and make some memories. You’ve got to admire the energy of this band, and the folky melody from the lead guitar is so catchy. What a great start!

2: “Lucid Dreams” – Violet Youth

I love this track. It’s moody, and ambient, and a huge call-back to the best of the 80s, sounding like the hazy, relaxed lovechild of The Smiths and The Cure. Despite having such a melancholic feel, the song has such great summer vibes that you can really imagine it as a backdrop to a night sleeping under the stars. It’s a unique sound that this band have and they should be proud of it.

3: “Fluff” – FUSS

Wow, this is so chilled out. Think Sigur Rós, but in English, and with a smattering of the eighties. The jangly, multi-octave guitars swell in and out like an orchestra, and the haunting vocal of the singer marries the whole thing together nicely. There’s a bit of Radiohead in here too, in that wonderfully “shoegazer” kind of way.

4: “Hometown” - Pixey

Now, a happy, jaunty tune to close out this sampler. It’s super catchy, but in that awesome Everything Everything kind of way. This is one for fans of CHVRCHES, as if that band had decided to turn indie, and that’s a really cool niche to fill in 2017.

The CEO of Modern Sky UK states that the ethos of the company is “to bring back a strong sense of love, passion and deeply sarcastic humour” and it really shows in this sampler.

This is an offering you should definitely check out – all of these songs made me ready to dance in a field at 4AM, and that’s the perfect kind of vibe you want for your summer playlist. All four songs have made it onto my playlist and I’m sure I’ll revisit them again and again this summer.


Tom Holmes


You can check out the sampler on Soundcloud:

Find ModernSky UK here:

Or find out more about each band here:


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