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Market Day

We're all familiar with the Market Days that infiltrate our campus from time to time - but have we all had the time to actually explore them? If not, not to worry - Rachel Carruthers takes a look, and tells you what you're missing out on!

The sunshine and amazing smells wafting from the top of the SU lured students from their rooms and the library toward the Market hive. With jazz music playing across the stalls and the smell of an array of spices and sumptuous foods filling the air, it was hard to not dive into the hustle and bustle of it all.

New to the market was Gourmet Street Kitchen, perfect for those with an obsession for pasta. The stall had items available to suit a range of palettes; for meat fanatics, Wild Piggy and Chick Flick, and for veggies, Popeye’s Pesto and Return of the Mac. For those who can handle the heat, why not try Hot and Handsome? A dish mixed with spicy chorizo and blazing harissa sauce; but be sure keep a water bottle on standby or head down to the SU for a cold drink after!

(Average prices around £4.50-£5.50)

On the other hand, if you’re a pizza enthusiast, head over to We Knead Dough and bite into a piece of Italy with Italian style pizzas. Handmade right before your eyes, the pizzas were made in a land rover with a mobile fire oven! They’re not hard to miss, and you can get yourself a whole pizza for just £6.50.

For those with a sweet tooth, The Brownie Lady is the stall to be. Loyal to the university Market day event, you can get your hands on a range of brownies every two weeks for just £2 a piece! Most popular amongst customers include peanut butter with salted caramel, Daim, and white chocolate with raspberry: how could anyone resist?

A long line of students queued up in front of The World Food Stall with an array of dishes on offer including saffron infused chicken, Moroccan Lamb Kebabs, and gluten free, lentil burgers, perfect for all!

Marion’s Deli travel across the South West, tempting customers with a unique array of German cuisine. For those looking for something savoury, there’s frankfurter and Bratwurst hot dogs, schnitzel based pasta, curry wurst, and vegetarian stew. Or, if you are fancying something sweet to eat, you could purchase a German cake for just £1.50.

And finally, calling all meat lovers! The Hungry Hog South West Stall uses local produce to provide Greek style hog roast wraps and dinners, packed full of fresh vegetables and a garlic and lemon infused tzatziki sauce. These stalls are not to miss, so get down to the market and support the local community!

For further information about any of the stalls please check out their websites:

Rachel Carruthers


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