Meet The Blue Girl

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Seren Kiremitcioglu writes all about The Blue Girl, a Plymouth University graduate making waves in the world of Cosplay and Make-Up FX.

Meet Lexi Gilbert; a graduate of Plymouth University, Gilbert is a sheer force to be reckoned with in the world of FX. Creating insanely good cosplays, Gilbert is aspiring to reach her dream of winning a scholarship with the Cinema Makeup School in Hollywood. Over on her website, Gilbert writes, 'I have always been addicted to the creative media industry, there's something awe-inspiring about how they not only think of great ideas, but breathe tangible, gooey, shiny life into them. As a kid, you believe it's real and that magic and fantasy really exist, and when I got older and realise I could create that magic, I have been learning and creating feverishly ever since.' Credit. 

Trust me when I say that Gilbert's talent is beyond insane. I mean, just look at her work as part of her final project for her 7 week Neil Gorton's Makeup & Prosthetic course. Her skill is simply unlimited. 


After many years of experience and opportunities grasped, Gilbert needs YOUR help to achieve her dream of winning the prestigious scholarship at the Cinema Makeup School in Hollywood. This could see our very own Plymouth University graduate reach an international audience, creating costumes and Special FX for films! Here's her video entry:

You can vote for her phenomenal costume, by heading over to the school's Facebook site, here. Her entry, is, as you have seen by the Facebook video, Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean, and it simply blows minds. She's currently in third position, after trying for the scholarship a third time. Through sharing and posting about Lexi Gilbert's submission, we can make sure she gets her scholarship. 

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