An Introduction to INK Journal

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Rachel Carruthers introduces SU:Media readers to INK Journal, Plymouth University's very own student-led literary journal.

With its annual publication, INK is an opportunity for budding writers and aspiring editors to get first-hand experience in the field of arts by showcasing the plethora of talent at Plymouth University, be it creative non-fiction, short story, poetry, or illustration. Every year in the first semester there is a call out to students of all stages and courses to sign up to INK, either as an editor or contributor.  Each year has a theme, and for 2017 it was ‘Night & Day’, a dualism which gave students a freedom to immerse themselves in either or both categories, and a myriad of sub-categories, including Time, Life, Death, Nature, the Supernatural, and Hope. There are opportunities to meet with representatives of INK, such as workshops in the Writing Café in Babbage, or alternatively you can contact them with any queries via the Facebook page or email. From my experience, the team couldn’t be more supportive. There is a deadline to submit by and then a wait to find out if your pieces have been successful. Unfortunately, there is a limit to the amount published in the physical journal, but fear not! There is always the chance that your piece will make it onto the online INK Journal, over at their Wordpress site!

Whether you made it into the journal online or in the physical copy, you will be welcomed to the launch party to celebrate everyone’s hard-work. This year’s venue was The Treasury, where everyone came together over drinks, food, and music, for thank-you speeches, readings from contributors, and awards for the best contributor in each category. As a contributor myself, it was lovely to meet those also part of the team, and see everyone come together as a whole. It's really enjoyable to read the array of pieces, as well as getting to see your own creative writing published for the first time!

It was such a positive atmosphere and a real confidence booster for those just starting out in the field. There is sure to be something for everyone in this year’s journal, so pick up a copy at the next university open day in June. And, if you did not succeed in getting into the journal either in physical copy or online, the opportunity arises every year, so try, try, and try again!

Happy Writing!

INK Journal 2016

INK Journal 2017

Rachel Carruthers


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