E3 2017: It’s like Christmas for Video Game News!

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SU:Media's brand new Tech Editor, James Sweeting, introduces E3 2017, the biggest event in the Gaming Industry.

E3 2017: It’s like Christmas for video game news

It’s that time of year again, where all the major video game publishers and developers – and not forgetting the smaller ones as well – descend upon the Los Angeles Convention Centre. If you’re not familiar with the Electronic Entertainment Expo (AKA E3), it is a three-day event where the video games industry showcases their upcoming games that they hope to release in the coming 12 months or so.

The convention itself is preceded by a series of press conferences by the larger publishers, including Sony, Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, and Bethesda (Nintendo host a pre-recorded video presentation instead). It is often during these press conferences that the major announcements of the year are made, with this year welcoming the biggest piece of expected news in the confirmation from Microsoft of its upcoming Xbox console, currently codenamed “Project Scorpio”.

The event has traditionally been press only, but this year there has been a change to accommodate members of the public, albeit for a substantial price. However, like previous years, all the press conferences are streamed online, an example of a one-stop solution can be found on Youtube’s dedicated E3 page which also conveniently lists the times of the conferences in British Summer Time (BST).

If you are interested in watching any of the conferences, here is the schedule:

Electronic Arts: Saturday June 10 – 12pm PDT, 4pm EST, 8pm BST

Microsoft (Xbox): Sunday, June 11 – 2pm PDT/5pm EST/10pm BST

Bethesda: Sunday, June 11 – 7pm PDT/10pm EST/3am BST (June 12)

Ubisoft: Monday, June 12 – 1pm PDT/4pm EST/9pm BST

Sony (PlayStation): Monday, June 12 – 6pm PDT/9pm EST/2am BST

Nintendo (Switch and 3DS): Tuesday, June 13 – 9am PDT/12pm EST/5pm BST

A couple of those, unfortunately, take place unbearably early in the morning (although you might still be up, who knows?). But be sure to check back next week as we’ll be highlighting some of the biggest announcements to come from the show.

Also, you can follow me on Twitter @CrazyBlue as I will be live-tweeting most of the press conferences as they happen.

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