How Child Care Grant Works



When you apply to SFE for the Child Care Grant, it is important to understand how this works to avoid delays in getting paid by SFE and to prevent overpayments.

Problems with your Child Care Grant can lead to your entire student funding package being blocked or, where SFE believe that fraud has been committed, being reclaimed.

When you apply for Child Care Grant on the CCG1 form, you complete the predicted child care you are going to need for the academic year in advance.  It is important to keep a copy of this form, as often this is completed before you get your timetable and before you know exactly what your child care requirements will be.

SFE will pay the amount of child care grant you predicted into your bank account, along with the rest of your student finance.  It is really important that you ring fence the child care element of this money.  Don’t forget that SFE only pay 85% of the actual cost, up to a maximum of £164.70 per week for one child and £282.36 per week for two or more children, so you will have to pay the remainder from other funds.

At the end of a child care grant period (see below) you will be asked to complete a CCG2 form.  This is where your child care provider confirms the actual amount of child care you have paid.

SFE will then reconcile the actual amount of money you have spent with the amount they paid you based on your predicted costs.

If you actually incurred more child care costs than expected, SFE will pay you additional funds.  However, it is more common for you to have incurred lower actual child care costs than predicted and SFE will require immediate repayment of any monies they have paid you.  Normally this will mean your next scheduled payment from SFE will be reduced in order to recover the overpayment.

If SFE suspect fraud has been committed, your entire student funding is likely to be blocked whilst the investigation is carried out. 

The relevant child care periods for courses starting between 1 September 18 and 31 December 18 are:

Period 1                1 September 18 – 21 October 18

Period 2                22 October 18 – 20 January 19

Period 3                21 January 19 – 31 August 19


The 18/19 CCG1 form can be found here:


The 18/19 CCG2 form can be found here:


If your household income exceeds £20,000 per annum, it is unlikely you will be eligible for SFE Child Care Grants, and a tapered reduction will be applied to all household income above £9,500 per annum.  For more information on alternative funding for childcare, please see our page on Help with Childcare Costs.


Update for 19/20 academic year – the way SFE administer the Child Care Grant is due to be overhauled for the 19/20 academic year for current and new students.  Check back here for further information which we will post as soon as available.