Change to Academic Regulations

For most students starting their studies in 2018/19, only two attempts at a module will be permitted.  This is set out in Paragraph 8 on page 30 of the Academic Regulations.

This means that if the Award Assessment Board confirms that you have not successfully completed a module, a student will only be able to have one further attempt.

Summer referrals are subject to a maximum of 60 credits, if you have failed more than 60 credits throughout the year then you will usually be required to repeat over the course of the next academic year.

If you fail the modules as a second attempt then you will usually be withdrawn from programme, with the exception of those students who have valid extenuating circumstances. 

This could have significant implications if you have already signed a legally binding contract for your accommodation for the following year and why students are encouraged to visit the Advice Centre before signing their contracts.

The Advice Centre offers advice on appeals but these cannot be submitted until marks have been confirmed by the Award Assessment Board and you have received your transcript.  

It is more important than ever, to seek advice if you feel you may have Extenuating Circumstances.  


Contact us:

Our Advice Team is located on the first floor of the Students' Union building. Our team of three Advisers, Heather, Jo and Lisa, have experience in dealing with all types of student enquiries. Most improtantly the Advice Centre is not part of the University, we can therefore provide free, independent and confidential advice to Plymouth University students, so you can talk to us in confidence, knowing that nothing will be shared with anyone if you don’t want it to be.

It’s easy to book an appointment online, BOOK HERE  (select a date and time that meets with your schedule)  

Call: 01752 588373 or 0800 953 0155