Q&A with VP International & Outreach: Hadiza Adah

Hadiza is your VP International & Outreach for the upcoming academic year. We asked her a few questions about her experience of Freshers' Week, how she felt moving to Plymouth and her personal top tips for students starting University in September and/or taking part in #plymfresh17.

Hadiza is respsonsible for representing and improving the experience of our international students and those who are studying at any one of our Partner Colleges. 

Read more about Hadiza's manifesto points here.

What did you study at University?

Why did you choose Plymouth University?
Because it was quiet, by the sea and I had family here at the time

How did you feel starting at University?
Excited, but really nervous at the time

What is your lasting memory of Freshers Week?
Meeting new people, and going out to eat every night

What song reminds you most of starting Uni?

What was your most embarrassing moment of Freshers Week?
I don’t think I had one, I was quite cautious

If you could do Freshers Week again what would you do differently?
Yes, definitely. Id attend more freshers events, Be more enthusiastic and make more friends

What are your top 5 tips for making the most of starting Uni?
Don’t spend all your money in one week, Be safe and careful, Call your family, they miss you, Be open-minded, and try new things out.
GET YOUR NUS CARDS and save on all the discounts

What was your guiltiest pleasure during Freshers Week?
McDonalds and Mr Pretzels

How do you feel about doing Freshers week again as a representatives of Plymouth University students.
I feel really excited and prepared, knowing that we have a lot of great activities and events planned out for the week. Im also looking forward to meeting a lot of new people.


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