Important information for all EEA students considering permanent residence

Important information for all European Economic Area (EEA) students who are thinking of staying in the UK permanently once they finish their studies

If you are an EEA national studying in the UK, you may not be aware of the essential criteria concerning access to health services in the UK and how it affects your residency as a student. If you have come to the UK to study, have an EHIC card from your home country and are only staying in the UK temporarily, that is fine.  

But if you wish to remain here beyond your studies, and in the future wish to apply for Permanent Residence, you are required to have Comprehensive Sickness Insurance in order to ensure that your residence is lawful and can count towards the 5 year qualifying period for Permanent Residence.

We do not yet know what the government intends to announce regarding EEA nationals who are currently residing in the UK when Article 50 is triggered, but you should be mindful that lawful residence may be a pre-requisite. An EEA national who is currently working, such as a Migrant Worker, does not require Comprehensive Sickness Insurance as they have residence as a worker.

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