Need a Cab? - Safe Taxi Scheme



Be Safe with Need A Cab?

  • If you have booked by mobile phone, Need A Cab? will text you free of charge on the taxis arrival with the registration number, make, model, colour of the vehicle and Drivers Name. This is a service unique to Need A Cab? for your safety and to make sure you get in the correct vehicle.
  • Need A Cab? vehicles always use a  meter to ensure all journeys are charged correctly.
  • Need A Cab? Drivers are easy to identify with all drivers wearing company uniform and all vehicles clearly marked with company logo’s.
  • If you’ve spent all your money or lost your purse/wallet and can’t afford a taxi home at anytime then the Safe Taxi scheme is there at your time of need. Just quote your student number at time of booking and pay fare to SU next Day.
  • A Four Seater vehicle costs less than a Five, Six, Seven or Eight seat People Carrier ” these are charged at Fare plus half which is cheaper than booking Two vehicles”.

We are the only company officially recommended by UPSU

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