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SU Food Deals

Written by: UPSU


The SU bar is open from 12pm - late. The SU food bar is open from 12pm - 8pm.

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Food bar deals

Lunch Deals
Burger (Smashed beef, Southern fried chicken, Spiced Vegetable) & fries and a Draught Soft Drink pint (Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Fanta, Lemonade) for £8 - or upgrade to a pint of Carling or Thatcher's Gold for £9.50
Add a bottle of Corona/Corona 0% to your portion of nachos for an extra £2.50
Healthy option? Get a Pokebowl and your choice of 0% ABV rum or gin (25ml) + draught mixer for £5.50


Evening Deals
Thursday Night - Pizza and a Pint Deal. At Jam House from 4 - 10pm, any pizza and a pint of Thatcher's Gold or Carling for £9, or a pint of Coke Zero or Lemonade for £8.