NUS 5/18

NUS Referendum

Voting closed as of 12pm on 14/5/18

Why it happend

On the 30th April 2018 UPSU received notice from the UPSU Board of Trustees, for a call to hold a Referendum pertaining to the Union’s affiliation to the National Union of Students (NUS).

This preceded a ballot which asked students to vote Yes or No to the following question: Should the University of Plymouth Students’ Union (UPSU) continue to be affiliated with the National Union of Students (NUS)?

The timeline

Wednesday 2nd May –14:00 Open meeting, Students’ Union view presentation
Friday 4th May – 12:00, midday, Final deadline for campaigns information
Tuesday 8th May – 12:00 midday, Online Voting Opens
Monday 14th May – 12:00 midday, Online Voting Closes, results announced

The results

The ballot, which was open between 8th–14th May needed to reach a minimum of 649 votes to be binding.

At the close of voting the results were:

Total votes cast 1021

  • Votes For 557
  • Votes Against 441
  • Abstentions 23

With 4.7% of eligible students of the University of Plymouth voting, the outcome of this Referendum is that UPSU will remain affiliated to NUS