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Keep Wednesday Afternoons Free

We want to make sure you have Wednesdays free to take part in extra-curricular activities.

The University of Plymouth has a Timetabling Policy where in section 3.2 it states:

'Teaching for undergraduate students should not be scheduled after 1pm on Wednesdays to allow for extra-curricular activities such as sports, volunteering and other participatory activities unless exemptions are authorised by the Dean.'

We want to ensure that this is adhered too and doesn't change.


Through receiving feedback from students it has become apparent that this timetabling policy is not always adhered to. Students are being timetabled across the University from 1pm onwards and it is effecting their University experience. 

In Plymouth we are geographically challenged, and therefore this campaign is in support of keeping Wednesday afternoon timetables free from 1pm (like many other unions) as this will allow students more time to travel to the location whereby they will take part in extra-curricular activity.


  • To extend the provisions to keep Wednesday afternoons free to students on all courses, including Postgraduate Courses.
  • To extend the current policy to ensure that Wednesday timetabling is limited to 12pm, as this would allow more students to participate in the activities, particularly students that may be required to travel to away fixtures- Plymouth is very geographically isolated.
  • If lecturers are scheduled, alternative arrangements should be made, i.e. lecture capture or duplication of the session. Also, any sessions should be made in agreement with all students who would be required to attend and only with their agreement.
  • To consider producing an absence policy for those participating in BUCS fixtures, that may conflict with the morning and afternoon Wednesday teaching hours.
Report a breach of policy

Campaign updates:

June 2019: Updated policy

June 2018: University commitment

May 2018: Union Council Approval

March 2018: Timetabling Committee

February 2018: Student Life Committee

Summer 2017: Preparing for the campaign