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48-Hour DLE


We want to ensure lecture material is uploaded at least 48 hours before a lecture to avoid disadvantaging students.

The University of Plymouth has Minimum Online Module Presence Requirements and Programme Recommendations where point 3 states:

"Key teaching materials e.g. PowerPoint presentations, support documentation, podcasts etc. should be uploaded in advance of the teaching session. This should be available a minimum of 48 hours before the teaching session, but a period of 7 days before the teaching session is recommended."

We want to ensure that this is adhered too and does not change.


Student feedback has suggested that key lecture material, eg. PowerPoint presentations, is not consistently put on their Digital Learning Environment (DLE) 48 hours before a lecture. This is currently part of an agreement from the university and should be adhered to throughout.

Many UK universities also have similar policies to ensure students are able to prepare for lectures but to also not disadvantage students who may need to print handouts on a particular coloured paper for example.


  • To make material available 7 days before
  • To make sure lecturers upload full slides after the lecture as occasionally they will upload part of the slides or leave sections blank.
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