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Volleyball is one of the friendliest and most social clubs at the University and there is a good balance between amateur and advanced players. No matter what your background is, these training sessions are encouraging and competitive which the members have said they really enjoy. There will be a fine balance between competitive training and social training. 

The club holds matches in a local league called EDVA where there are competitive games for those who are just beginning to learn the sport or have been playing for some time. There are mixed teams in both leagues 2 (UPVC BLIZZARDS) and 3 (UPVC HEATWAVES) with the potential to move up every year and an EDVA ladies' team (UPVC CYCLONES) where the women have excelled. We also have both a men's and women's team playing in BUCS representing the university in both indoor and beach leagues!


We are affiliated with Volleyball England, which allows us to offer two individuals the opportunity to be trained as a referee free of charge! We aim to expand the rising participation of Volleyball in the local community and be an option for those wishing to give the sport a go without wanting to play competitively. 


Training times:

Monday - Nancy Astor Sports Centre: 6-7 pm (SU Give It A Go (GIAG), £3.50 entry. OPEN TO ALL STUDENTS) 

Tuesday - Pitts Gym: 4-5pm (Social Players) 5-6pm (EDVA Cyclones) 6-7 pm (EDVA Blizzards) 7-8pm (EDVA Heatwaves)

Friday - Nancy Astor Sports Centre: 5-6 pm (Everyone), 6-7 pm (BUCS Training + additional sessions) 

Saturday - Pitts Gym: 10am-2:30pm (BUCS Trainings) 

*Please note if you are alumni and wish to play with us in EDVA you will need to fill out a form for you to access the membership. Please contact us via our email address or socials*

We go to Switch/Popworld/Walkabout every Wednesday where the theme of the night will be announced the week before allowing plenty of time for you to get a costume E.g.,

- Freshers/oldies socials

- Dress As Your Type

- Under The Sea

- Traffic Light 

- Back to School

 - Mixed club socials and SO MUCH MORE

Friday nights at the SU as a large group are a staple for us throughout the year starting with a pres a few hours before. 

During the Christmas period, we have a meal together likewise when it reaches the summertime we have a handover meal for the new committee.

Besides drinking socials, the club holds social events like heading out to the beach for some beach volleyball or up to Central Park, local bowling socials etc. 

*We want to be more inclusive to those who do not drink this year so please let us know if you have any ideas*



The club will be competing in BUCS, Varsity, and EDVA throughout the year. Besides competitive events, the club will host different fun events and amateur volleyball competitions for players who do not want to pursue volleyball competitively but socially. Our main event is glow-in-the-dark volleyball tournament that is open to all. 

We also go on tour!! This year's tour is a Beach Volleyball week in Portugal! The meeting will be in October 2023 with a payment deadline of January 2024. 



Instagram: plymunivolleyball

Facebook Group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1397618213830713/ (University of Plymouth Volleyball Club)

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