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Surf Lifesaving

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The University of Plymouth Surf Lifesaving Club 2021/2022

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Welcome to Surf Lifesaving

Did you used to be in a swim club, but it was too intense for you? Or do you just enjoy swimming and want to improve your fitness. Then come along to our taster session and see if this is the club for you. We essentially do competitive Lifeguarding as well as RLSS awards. We're one of eleven University Lifesaving clubs.

What is Lifesaving?

  • You'll learn water-based rescues to help you save someone if they're in a dangerous situation in a body of water. This includes using floatation devices, how to tow people in the water, how to save yourself, learning resue techniques for different scenarios. We also teach basic first aid which is a valuable life skill and will help you pass a lifeguarding course if you wish to become a lifeguard. These skills are tested through simulated scenarios called SIRCs. These are split up into water-based and land-based which are included in the competitions we attend. 
  • For competitive Lifesaving, we swim under obstacles, tow people, do relays and swim with fins. 


  • We encourage everyone to attend competitions. We travel all over the UK focusing on beating past Plymouth times as well as having fun. It's also a chance to push yourself as well as meet fellow lifesavers from other universities.

Training Times

Plymouth Life Centre

  • Mondays 9:00pm-10:00pm. Fitness session
  • Thursday 8:30pm -10pm. Skills session

Beach Weekends

  • We do beach weekends throughout the year to learn the fastest way to run into the sea, practise sea swimming and have fun.
  • We also have connections with Dawlish Warren Surf Lifesaving Club. They are a great bunch that teach us how to use their rescue boards, surf skies amongst other things. 


Lifeguard: Throughout the year we offer pool lifeguarding courses and training (NPLQ) & beach lifeguarding courses (SLSGB/RLSS)! So far we have a 100% pass rate in all of these courses. And have trained over 130 lifesavers. 
Survive and Save: You can put your Lifesaving skills to the test and earn RLSS awards to showcase your accomplishments. There are three levels, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Within those levels are different subcategories: sport, open water, life support, and core. 


  • Silver medal at the 2012 Championships in Bath
  • Gold medal in the RNLI Simulated Incident in the 2015 Championships.
  • Many of our members qualified for the World Lifesaving Championships during the RLSS National Speeds Competition.
  • Gold medal in the women's singles event for rope throw in the 2020 Bristol Championships. She also set a BULSCA record! Go Keira!
  • Silver medal in the women's group rope throw in the 2020 Bristol Championships
  • Silver medal in the women's medley relay in the 2022 Coventry Championships.



Club President- Reece Foster
Captain- Madeline Liversedge
Secretary- Carenza Lindsey-Clark
Health and Safety Officer- Jasmine Farrer
Treasurer- Eleanne Robinson
Social Sec- Tom Gedds
Beach Secretary- Emma Collins
If you have any questions, get in touch with us: 



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  • Bronze Survive and Save£15.00

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