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 Plymouth University Futsal Club is a student run club welcoming players of all abilities and is one of the fastest growing clubs in the University. We have a fun, friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Every saturday during term time the club runs a competitive intramural league which sees multiple groups and societies from across the university take part. 

The club also has an extermely successfull Bucs team which compete against other universitys within the south west. After an extremely successfull first season (2022-2023), the team gained automatic promotion as a result of winning the league.  Please follow the socials for more information. 

What is Futsal?

Futsal is an exciting, fast-paced small sided football game that is widely played across the world and is officially recognised by the FA, UEFA and FIFA. There are several small differences between Futsal and Football - not least the ball, which is slightly smaller and heavier, to help with better control.

The nature of the game places a large emphasis on technical skill and ability in situations of high pressure, and is subsequently an excellent breeding ground for football competencies that can be translated into the 11-a-side format of the game. Many of the best football players such as Pele, Messi, Ronaldhinho, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar developed their quick feet and thinking on the Futsal pitches before moving to Football.

Why play Futsal?

  • More ball-time - research indicates that someone who plays Futsal receives the ball SIX times more often than they would do playing 11-a-side football
  • More goals - tired of 0-0s? Futsal is a fast-paced game that emphasises attacks and counter-attacks - the goals come thick and fast!
  • Improve as a player - with the pitch being smaller and more confined, Futsal naturally teaches crucial skills like close control, quick thinking and ball retention
  • Technical emphasis - the smaller, heavier ball supports closer ball control and manipulation; individual technical techniques such as passes, controls, fakes, feints and dribbles are relied upon in the game
  • Team effort - there is a real camaraderie that develops within a Futsal team, as the whole team attacks and defends together
  • Convenience - the society will host the itramural leagues at Nancy Astor Sports hall (Campus).


We aim to give all members the opportunity to play and enjoy themselves weekly in intramural leagues. It is a fantastic sport for both men and women and we have teams for both. As well as the intramural leagues we run regular tournaments too. Once more, you have the possibility of being scouted for the first team or for varsity 2024 the biggest sporting event in Plymouth!

If you have any questions please email us or contact us on Instagram and we would be happy to help!


Instagram: plymfutsal

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