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Have you ever wanted to meet new friends then stab them...

Join Fencing!

Fencing is a highly competitive and fast-growing sport, which uses strategy, skill and creativity to outwit and outsmart your opponent.

At Plymouth University, it doesn't matter if you are an experienced Fencer or just want to try out a new sport. You will be warmly welcomed into our club where we will provide you with opportunities to improve both your Fencing and social life!  

We hold sessions every Monday, Friday and Saturday and as a 3-weapon club, there is bound to be something to keep you coming back every week!

Club sessions on Mondays from 8-10pm allow our members to apply new skills they have learnt from our coach, who we train with every Friday in the Davy Main Hall from 6-8pm. 

For Beginners 

- All Kit is provided 

- Excellent coaching from our coach Jason Shillingford

- Sessions aimed at gaining skills and becoming adept with the rules and tatics of fencing

For Experienced fencers

- A chance to represent our team in BUCs.

- BUCs Individuals held in February.  

- Free Fence sessions, allowing you to hone your skills.

- Group coaching sessions to work on foot and blade work.

- Competing as part of a team in tournaments across the UK. 

- 1 on 1 coaching.  

Social Events

As a club we offer a social membership, to allow people to get to know the members of the Fencing club before attending any sessions, or if you just want to enjoy good company! We offer a wide range of socials throughout the year, all of which will be compliant to government guidlines to protect our members and keep people safe. These socials include but are not limited to:

Non- Drinking Socials:

- Film Night

- Bowling 

- Go Karting 

- Mini Golf 

Drinking Socials:

- Hawa'iian Shirt Social 

- Drag Night 

- Christmas Meal

Our important Fencing Club events include our:

- 24-hour Fence-athon, which we use to fundraise for a chosen charity. 

- X-Systra, a trip to École Polytechnique University in Paris, to compete in an international University Fencing competition. (Trip is TBD due to the pandemic)


If you want to give Fencing a try, sign up today! 

Once you purchase a membership message our facebook page so we can add you to the group chat for the year and to the group page!


Check back soon for more events!


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