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The University of Plymouth Surf Lifesaving Club 2021/2022

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Welcome to one of the UK's FEW University SURF Lifesaving Clubs! We practise general water-based lifesaving skills as well as first aid. We take these skills to speed based competitions all over the country and have a blast doing so! We also do beach trips for a day or the weekend to have a fun time on the beach and learn some sea-related lifesaving skills. This could spark your interest in becoming a beach lifeguard, or you could just have fun with the club. 

What is Lifesaving? 

Lifesaving is a sport and a life skill. We teach water-based resues that would help you save someone if they've got themselves into a dangerous situation in a body of water. This includes using aids, how to tow people in the water, how to save yourself, learning resue techniques for different scenarios. We also teach basic first aid which is a valuable life skill and will help you pass a lifeguarding course if you want to become a lifeguard. These skills are tested through simulated scenarios called SIRCs. These are split up into water-based SIRCS and land-based SIRCS which are included in the competitions we attend. 

Then there is the sports side where we do certain lifesaving races including swimming under obstacles, towing people, relays, swimming with fins and swimming sets. This is the second element that's included in competitions. 

That's the rough breakdown. You can find out more by contacting us or by visiting our stall at the Freshers fair on the Wednesday 22nd September. 


While we do attend competitons and train for them, it is compleatly optional. We can split training between those who want to compete, and those who just want to have fun, improve their fitness and learn some lifesaving skills. 

Training Times

Plymouth Life Centre

  • Mondays 9:30pm-10:30pm. Fitness session

  • Wednesdays 2pm-3:30pm. Skills session


Throughout the year we offer pool lifeguarding courses and training (NPLQ) & beach lifeguarding courses (SLSGB/RLSS)! So far we have a 100% pass rate in all of these courses. And have trained over 130 lifesavers. 

We also run an annual beach lifeguard course with Adventure bay. This could turn into a great summer job! The course is also useful if you want to become a surf coach. We can also provide beach lifeguard training throughout the year.

Beach Weekends

We also run beach weekends throughout the year where we learn some first aid, play beach flags and, of course, go in the sea! We're aiming to have the first beach weekend in October so bring your wetsuits. 



  • Silver medal at the 2012 Championships in Bath

  • Gold medal in the RNLI Simulated Incident in the 2015 Championships.

  • Many of our members qualified for the World Lifesaving Championships during the RLSS National Speeds Competition.

  • Gold medal in the woman's singles event for rope throw in the 2020 Bristol Championships. She also set a BULSCA record! Go Keira!

  • Silver medal in the woman's group rope throw in the 2020 Bristol Championships.





Club President- Alice Becket

Beach Club Captain- Daisy Grainger

Secretaries- Laura Pidgeon

Health and Safety Officer- Bethany WS

Treasurer- Anna Parnum 

Social Sec- Mia Ball

Kit Officer- Rhianna Preece

If you have any questions, get in touch with us: