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Plymouth Blitz invites you to join the family! The team is open to players of all abilities and ages, whether American Football is new to you or you've played before. One of the best aspects of American Footbal is that there are positions for people of all body types and sizes, so you can play to you strengths! We understand that a lot of people won't have played American Football before, that's why we train everyone from the ground up, this also means that everyone starts the season at the same level, giving everyone the opportunity of game time. Blitz always compete, whether it be in training or on gameday, we always bring 100%. In the last few years several of our players have earned to privilige of being invited to play for teams across Europe, including teams in Sweden and Finland over the summer. We have training at least twice in the week, and on a Sunday (unless we have game). All training sessions are run by qualified coaches who are both willing and able to coach you to reach your football potential!


We have weekly socials on Wednesday nights. These socials are often joint with the cheerleaders or other societies to add some extra fun to the nights! These are great opportunities to; bond with your teamates; take a break from the stresses of uni life and; get to know other clubs!

Aside from Wednesday socials, the team often likes to gather after training or home games on Sunday to watch the NFL. This is great for bettering our knowledge of the sport as well as bonding as a unit!


We have 8 regular season games against our Divison 1 opponents (Bath, Cardiff, Exeter and Southampton) and then potentially more games if we make playoffs. On top of our BUCS games we also have a charity match against our alumni after our season is over.


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