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We are a friendly and open-minded group of people who are interested in vegetarian and vegan lifestyles. We offer a supportive environment to people who want to learn more about these lifestyles or who may want to transition as well. Aiming to increase awareness on campus, we want to improve vegetarian & vegan options throughout the university and city, making it easier to have a meal or grab a snack on the go. We also hold regular socials to create a space for likeminded people to socialise together. Membership is 5 pounds and this entitles you to a membership card which provides you with a 10% discount at Ethica and 15% discount at Samphire Brasserie. 


We are aiming on holding fortnightly socials, and getting together in the meantime to chill out and take part in awareness campaigns. Socials will include both eating and drinking, showing off what the city has to offer in food as well as offering traditional student nights out. Eating socials will include not only trips to local restaurants and cafes but also invitation to picnics, pot-lucks and feasts held by the society as well. Discounts to certain Plymouth eateries will make these socials more accessible to all too as we offer a 15% discount at Samphire Brasserie.


We are hoping to bring Veganuary to campus, to improve awareness of the movement and encourage other students to consider trying out vegan and vegetarian options more often and offer support to anyone who may want to try adopting these lifestyles. 


We send out regularly emails to update all our members about upcoming events and anything related to VegSoc (Our email is but you can also find us on...

Public Facebook Page:

Members only Facebook Group:




Check back soon for more events!



Cloud Knight
Safety Officer
Alyssa Carrington
Philippa Lovell
Katherine Hart


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