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Maychen Tyler-Blot

About us


What is SU:Video? 

SU:Video is the new Video Production society that evolved from SU:TV, which was the official TV channel for UPSU. 

SU:Video will no longer be a TV channel, but instead a community for talented creators with the purpose of creating promotional content for other societies and UPSU. 

Our members will be known as creators because we are passionate about recognising our members for their skills.

We are all inclusive! You are not limited to knowing how to use a camera, you don't even need to have active knowledge about video production, just an extreme passion for being creative! 


Interested in being a Creator? Here are your perks...

As a creator, you will have direct involvement in the production stages for the videos we produce for other societies. Our aim is to provide our creators with first-hand opportunities and experiences within video production. 

We will be organising workshops with industry experts as well as exciting trips to locations across the UK that are buzzing with Media energy! 

(London is in our sights!) Please note: Some of these workshops may include extra costs if transport is needed or the tickets are exclusive.

Once you have purchased membership, you can join our exclusive Facebook group community and meet the other creators!

Join the group here.


Interested in our services? 

Are you running an event that you would like to be filmed to promote your society? We're here to help! 

The team and creators at SU:Video would be delighted to capture the amazing events these societies at UPSU get up to. 

Please get in touch via email or our social media to 


Interested in more? Become a leader...

We are always actively looking for new committee members to join our team.

If you're interested in taking on a leadership role with more responsibilities and involvement with the society, please get in touch!


Sounding great so far? Then, what are you waiting for...

Become a creator today with SU:Video!


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