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We are a campus based christian fellowship, open to everyone and anyone. We offer oppotunities to gather and fellowship together onn a weekly basis and thoughout the year. This could be in the form of games, talks, love feasts and events. During this freshers week we will be holding a games night tagged #come fellowship. This will be a time where you can meet people, have fun and food. If you're free to come, please do. We are excited to have you.

Our primary aim and vision for Salem Campus Fellowship is to provide people with a different platform to receive and learn about God, and to have clarity on some of their long sought after unanswered questions. We aim to raise a generation of leaders in the word. Leadership is a transferable skill that we strive for our members to develop as it is not just to lead in their faith but to also lead in any area of their lives.

To raise people that can make an impact, that are confident, people that can take on roles and responsibilities and have a duty of care for other members. We have many roles and departments within the society that also develop a person’s character personality and skill assets. We have roles such as Administrator & Treasurer, we have departments such the Media team which handles the advertisement and spreading the word for events and branding our society.

We have a Logistics & Intercommunications team that focuses on the planning of our events and our weekly sessions, organising venue, snacks and provisions and liaising between each department etc. We also work very closely with the Plymouth Gospel choir who attend our sessions and allow for people who have an interest in singing to express themselves and develop their gifts.

Monday 6:00am - Prayers: Held At 6:00am every Monday Morning , A time for members come together and pray, learn how to pray and learn about the importance of prayer.


Wednesday 19:00pm- 21:00 – Bible Study: A book by book, chapter by chapter break down of scriptures to understand the bible more in depth and contextually.


Thursday – Revival Service 19:30-21:00pm: Our jam packed Thursday evening service with Praise and Worship lead by our choir, small games, group discussions, group activities, a short message lead by one of our many leaders.

Location- Robbins Conference Center

*All our events are weekly and members are updated with any changes via the WhatsApp group chat or Facebook.


Facebook:  Salem Plymouth

Twitter: @scfplymouth

Instagram: Salemplymouth



Check back soon for more events!



Ivanna Odle
Chanelle Bowen


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