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The Robotics Society (RoboSoc) is for students of any discipline and skill level, to get involved in building robots for fun and for competition.

Our core activity is Combat Bots tournament, essentially, mini robot wars! Combat Bots is a destructive robot competition. Ant weight division robots are remote controlled in an arena for 3 minute matches. The competition was trialled during 2019, and is now being integrated as the core of the robotics society. We intend to run a tournament at the end of each semster. We've also planned for a variety of different covid scenarios, to ensure we can smash up robots no matter what.

A pilot competition was run during 2019, which you can watch highlights of, and see the rules for more info



We have other plans for the society as well, which for the moment we're keeping under wraps, you'll have to get involved to find out more. But for a hint, here's our mission statement.

“Foremost, to ensure society members have an accessible and affordable means to enjoy robotics, via the organisation of the Combat Bots competition. Secondly, to facilitate robotics competition ventures, for members to get involved with larger team projects, developing advanced robots, working in collaboration with faculty and academic staff when possible.” 


RoboSoc Combat Bots

Robotics Society

28 Sep - 28 Sep 2020



RoboSoc's Fresher Event
28th September 7pm - 10pm
An introductory presentation to the Robotics Society featuring a sumo bot demonstration
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Oliver Smith
Safety Officer
Kieran Pichelski
Nicholas Coiro
Wilfred Mobbs


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