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Welcome to PsySoc! :)

Our society is open everyone, from those studying Psychology to anyone with an interest in the area. By being part of the society, you will have the chance to meet new people and get to know others who share similar interests to you.

We are back, with new faces and a new look. Our main focus when creating our new designs was “a fresh start”, especially after the year and a half we just had to go through! After the pandemic, we wanted to bring out the best of PsySoc and make the upcoming year, the best year yet!

We are so excited to kick start things off with a BANG, as we welcome freshers with all the best Plymouth has to offer... and you'll get the chance to come along to the many events we have for us to have the best year, including movie nights, first aid training, collabs with other societies and regular sober socials like coffee dates and picnics! This year we also hope to engage in minfulness sessions, where we will be able to host yoga groups and get together for nature walks and events. 

Along the course of the year, we will be keeping in regular touch with the members of the society, ensuring that everyone feels safe and welcome, but also to make sure that we can adapt our events to suit as many people are possible! Never hesitate to get in touch, through our instagram (@plymouthpsysoc) or facebook page (University of Plymouth PsySoc) :D

Looking forward to seeing you very very soon, for lots of partying, chit chats and great memories - as a society! Don’t forget, if you want to sign up, it's only a small fee, for a great load of great opportunities.


Check back soon for more events!


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Maria Nicola
Safety Officer
Jessica Valentine
Leyre Honrubia Arribas
Chelsey Depledge


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