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ParaSoc is a student-led organisation designed for student paramedics and anyone with an interest in pre-hospital medicine. We aim to provide extra-curricular activities to enhance your knowledge and degree, as well as social events to offer a break from your studies!


So, what do we have in store this year so far up until Christmas?

1. 243 Field Hospital Army Reserves with Hilary Winsor

Hilary, a Recruiting Warrant Officer from the C Detachment 243 (Wx) Field Hospital will be giving an overview of the 243 (Wx) Field Hospital – who they are, what they do and how they fit into the Army Medical Services as well as tell the story of an injured soldier from point of wounding through to returning to the UK.


2. "Silver Trauma" with Jonny Brownett

Jonny, a PPEd from Derriford Ambulance Station will be discussing all things "Silver Trauma", the assessment, treatment and management of these somewhat complex cases.


3. "Traumatic Arrests and More" Simulation with the Devon Air Ambulance Team

Joshua and his fellow Critical Care Paramedics and the DAAT crew, will be joining ParaSoc's Simulation Wednesday for an afternoon focussed around traumatic cardiac arrests, catastrophic haemorrhage and patient management.


4. Motorcycle Response Unit and RTC's with Jacob Stanley

Jacob, a graduate from Plymouth University and now motorcycle paramedic working for the Motorcycle Response Unit (MRU), will be focussing predominately around the MRU, its role and how you could join too as well as, further discussing RTC's and some surrounding theory.


All our events are now ticketed and tickets are available to purchase from Eventbrite. Members have free access into all events (You still need to “purchase” a members ONLY ticket) whilst non-members are charged £3. £1 of this will go to our charity of the year Devon Air Ambulance.


The links to the events are:

1. 243 Field Hospital Army Reserves with Hilary Winsor


2. "Silver Trauma" with Jonny Brownett 


3. "Traumatic Arrests and More" Simulation with the Devon Air Ambulance Team 


4. Motorcycle Response Unit and RTC's with Jacob Stanley 



In addition to all this we also have EXCLUSIVE MEMBERS-ONLY discounts at:

  1. Medisave-10% off and free P&P on any purchase, this is perfect for those of you looking to buy a stethoscope. 
  2. Class Publishing-20% off and free P&P on any purchase. This is handy for many of the books you will require over the next few years, AMLS, PHTLS and JRCALC just to name a few.
  3. The Vivit Experience-10% off tickets to this event which is highly useful for your Anatomy and Physiology exam and just as a top up too. 
  4. McGraw Hill-30% off books purchased directly with the publisher, again some of these titles you will find in our reading lists. 


We also have stash available from Fitness for Sport with this year's sponsors printed on. They are available at: 

**Be aware that the pictures are still of last year's stash and will be have slightly different sponsors when printed.**



To keep up to date with everything ParaSoc, follow us on social media:

Facebook @ParaSoc UOP

Twitter @PlymParaSoc

Instagram uop_parasoc


Any questions? Get in contact with us at:


ParaSoc :)


Nicole (Chair), Ashleigh (Secretary), George (Health & Safety Officer), Kirsty (Treasurer) and Ben (Fundraising Secretary).




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