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OTsoc is the Occupational Therapy society of Plymouth University. We are for current and future students to have a supportive network across the year groups. Throughout the year we will be holding social events, fundraising for the voted charity (Routeways > Sense Aware) and engaging in CPD events.

Networking & CPD

You may not be sure what CPD is yet, but it's going to become a really important part of your career in Occupational Therapy. CPD stands for continueing professional development and can come in many different forms. As a society we hope to be able to provide as many CPD opportunities as we can for you throughout the year to get that bit extra out of your learning experience and have some fun too.

We strongly suggest that you find us on Twitter. This is one of the top recommended ways of networking through social media from the Royal College of Occupational Therapy (RCOT). So get yourself involved with a professional-style twitter account to keep yourself in the know. You may find yourself in a twitter conversation with a famous Occupational Therapist!

So far we have plans of getting coaches up to conferences and lots of people coming in to talk about their specialities.

Socials & Events

Our first social of the year will be a white t-shirt event! We plan to hold lots of sociels as well as the CPD events for our members to join, ranging from nights out, BBQ's, basket weaving and more... If you ask we'll do our best to accomadate. We will also be running events to raise money for our nominated charity of the year. This was decided using a poll on facebook and we had a great response. We will be raising money for Sense Aware via the charity Routeways. This will help to fund the brilliant project and help buy sensory equipment. . Keep your eyes peeled for bake sales and competitions throughout the year. 

Being a member of the society means that you will get a discounted price where possible on events, socials and CPD. If you want more information then please contact us!

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Lisa Fleming
Safety Officer
Rebecca Heath
Atlanta Vallard
Nicola Connor

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