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Peninsula Medsoc
Hello and Welcome to Peninsula Medsoc!
We are your medical society helping you through the academic and not so academic aspects of medicine.
As a society we offer:
- Medics Freshers two weeks- check out our instagram for more details!
- Medsoc families- a chance to get to know the second years and have support throught medschool.
- Winter and Summer Balls for Y1 and 2, Half-way Ball for Y3 and Graduation Ball for Y5
- Teaches for students from students that match up to the timetable.
- Surf trip- weekend away in Newquay to make friends and have some medical downtime during the first term
- Medsoc merch- to really look the part
- Y5 mentor scheme
- And lots more opportunities throughout your time here at Peninsula 
We have lots of other medical societies that are more specific to areas of the medicine curriculum, come and check them out in the Medical Freshers 
Fair on Thursday 21st September, 10am onwards in PSQ (Portland Square Building)
For more information as a fresher please check out our freshers booklet: Peninsula Medsoc Freshers Handbook 2023.pdf

Peninsula Medsoc Sport


Medsoc has 4 different sports clubs that any healthcare student can join. These clubs are perfect for sporty healthcare students who want to play competitive or fun sport without it taking up too much time out of their busy week!

You could join, Men’s Football, Netball, Mixed Hockey or Women’s Football, you don’t even need a Medsoc membership.

Many of the Medsoc sports clubs enter the National Association of Medical Schools (NAMS) league which sees them compete against other medical school teams from across the country. It’s a great opportunity for those more competitive members!

Instagram: peninsula.medsoc.sports



Men’s Football (aka PCMDFC)

PCMD is a football club open to all abilities. We play in local and national competitions but also have many great socials throughout the year. It’s a great environment to meet lads from all years.

First Training Session: Sunday 17th of September 1-3pm at Victoria Park

Matches: Wednesday afternoons in the local league (we have been the reigning champions of this league for the last two years!)

Tournaments (two during the year): South England NAMS (1st place last year)

                                                             National NAMS

Socials: We have many memorable socials during the year including initiations and other classics!

Facebook: PCMD FC

Instagram: pcmdfc

We look forward to meeting you all!


Netball (aka UPMD Netball)

UPMD is a friendly and fun netball club open to all abilities. We have several teams ranging from friendly to competitive netball. The club is a great way to meet like minded girls from all year groups.

First Training Session: 27th of September 8pm-9pm in Nancy Astor Sports Hall

IM League: The local university friendly league which 3 of our teams compete in around twice a month (Last year our 1st team came first and our 2nd and 3rd teams came joint third in the league!)

NAMS League: Our 1st team competes against other medicine netball teams around twice a month (Last year we came 4th in the South and 5th in the country!)

Socials: We have club dinners at the end of each term and other classic social nights during the year.

Instagram: upmdnetball


Hockey (aka UPMD Hockey)

UPMD Hockey is a club for all abilities and all years. This year we plan to be the best yet! We’re open to everyone as it’s a mixed hockey club so it’s a great way to meet a wide range of students.

Training Sessions: 6:30-8 pm on Mondays at Plymouth Collage. 

Tournaments: Depending on numbers of competitive players we plan on having friendly competitions with local universities like Exeter and we’re also hoping to join a local league.

Socials: We hope to have many socials throughout the year including post training drinks at a local pub!

Instagram: plymouth_meddent_hockey

Facebook: UPMD Mixed Hockey Club


Women’s Football (aka PCMDLFC)

Unfortunately last year due to a lack of numbers Women’s Football wasn’t able to run. But hopefully with lots of interest this year they will be able to start up again!

In a normal year this is what PCMDLFC gets up to:

Training Sessions: 3-5pm on Sundays at Victoria Park

Tournaments: South England NAMS

                          National NAMS

Socials: We had lots of socials during the year including an obstacle course in freshers week!

Instagram: pcmdlfc


There are currently no upcoming events.


  • MedSoc Returning Membership (Previous MedSoc Members Only)£0.00
  • MedSoc Committee Membership£0.00
  • PCMD FC Membership£30.00
  • MedSoc Sports Hockey - Package of 5 Session. Can only get it you are a member!£12.00
  • MedDent Hockey Socks£16.00
  • UPMD Charity Session Tickets!£2.00
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  • MedSoc Returning Membership (Previous MedSoc Members Only)£0.00
  • MedSoc Committee Membership£0.00
  • PCMD FC Membership£30.00
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