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Welcome to the Maths Society!

Joining the maths society is a great way to meet people on maths based courses and people that just have an interest in maths!


We hold fortnightly socials which aim to fulfil the needs of our diverse members, meaning the society evolves to become what its current members need it to be. Therefore if you need some time to take your mind off of the University work we will base the next social around what you need it to be. We have held socials based around the night life of Plymouth, entailing fancy dress nights, end of term celebrations and an ‘Anything but clothes night’ in which you have to make your clothes yourself. One of our first socials, in order to get to get to know you and the other members, will be a White T-Shirt social at the beginning of the academic year. Yet, if that is not for you, we have socials based on other events such as cinema trips, visits to the fireworks and meals in honour of numerous members’ birthdays. Yet we think our most important social happens around exam time. Due to the great bond within years we often hold group revision session in the library and help support each other through the exam period in order to achieve the best we can.


As a mainly Mathematics based society, we don’t normally hold non social events yet more recently we have started to think about the concept. As a society we see the interest in research and investigation. When our new members join, we will discuss the idea of holding some non social events and debate what these might entail, hopefully making an event that will be beneficial to the University as a whole not just ourselves.

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