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About us


Welcome to the Maths Society!

Joining the maths society is a great way to meet people on maths based courses and people that just have an interest in maths!


This is the student-led organsiation on campus for you! Offering:
- meet and greets - a great way to meet your lectures outside of the class room.
social events (both drinking and non-drinking) to meet coursemates across all three years.  At the Math society we understand that the university can be a big place and we want everyone to feel welcome.  
access to events such as our 'Event of the Year' Winter Ball
- a network of like-minded, friendly faces who have the same intrest as you!
- and incredible deals at local bars, eateries and clubs from secured sponsorships



We have plans to hold socials based around Plymouth, some of the events planned are: fancy dress nights, Bowling, Quiz nights, Batty Bingo, Coctails night, BBQ, Pizza & Puzzels, cinema trips, and a visit to the firworks.

At the end of term, we are planning to hold a Christmas party and currently still planing the end of year social. 

One of our first socials, in order to get to get to know you and the other members, will be a MacMillian Coffee morning held at Kikby place Math Lab,  This is for everyone to meet and have a coffe with your lectures. Our next event is going to be a white T-shirt event held on the 4th October, starting at JSV and moving on from there.  

We believe our most important social happens around exam time! Due to the great bond within years we often hold group revision session in the library and help support each other through the exam period in order to achieve the best we can.

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