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We hold weekly dance classes every Monday in Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba, also featuring Merengue, Semba and other special Latin styles! It doesn't matter if you're an experienced dancer or have two left feet, we welcome all abilities.

The International Latin Society is dedicated to anyone that appreciates Spanish, Portuguese and Latin culture, regardless of your own background or language capabilities. Our aim is to bring together all people with a shared interest, whether that interest is the dancing, the languages or any other aspect of Latin culture. We hope to unite everyone, both within the Plymouth community and across the South West and beyond.   

This year we planned to expand into other cultural events, including International cuisine nights and learning Spanish together as well as charity events, performances and previously unexplored dance styles. However, because of the intrusion of Covid-19 we are working to deliver the awareness of the Latin culture in a restricted way, following up with government’s guidance.  


Our Society is very social, with the emphasis on giving our members the greatest opportunities to socialize and integrate with others both within the society, and the wider community of Plymouth. As of now, we cannot guarantee big gatherings during socials and dancing lessons, and masks should be worn if the 2-meter rule cannot be respected. During our sessions, we provide hands sanitizer areas at the entrance of the room, while doors will be kept open to allow ventilation to take place. We know that these are not measures anyone wished to take, though we will do our best to make your experience at the International Latin Society worth your stay. 

Until recent times the ILS attended the weekly Afro-Latin Saturday nights in PL4 nightclub, which provided the perfect opportunity to practice all you've learnt, pick up new styles, meet others in the Latin community and have fun! This year, we are doing things a bit different and we are keeping in touch with our dance teachers to bring back our fun Saturday nights. We know that these are not measures anyone wished to take, though we will do our best to make your experience at the International Latin Society worth your stay. 

There are several other local events perfect for our Society members too, including the Latin fest weekenders and classes held by both of our dance teachers. Frequently, parties are hosted across the city on a regular basis to cater for all the Latin and International music fans out there - dance, drink, relax, and have a good time. These events are most likely going to be hosted a bit later in the year when it will be safe to all gather and party wherever we are.  

But aside from the party scene, we also like to take it down a notch and chill. Trips to the cinema, group meals, any avenue for us to hang out and relax is in our agenda - Latin specific or not. Anything our members want to do, we're happy to organize and actively encourage! Whatever you're interested in, we can cater for you.

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Check back soon for more events!



Beatrice Mantoet
Safety Officer
Vittoria Sergiacomo
Emily Marshall
Richard Parnham


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