Harry Potter

A wizard society embracing all the magic Plymouth has to offer!

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Welcome to PotterSoc!

Us this year at the society fair!

This year, we are running at least 1 social every week! We've had an awesome first week of 2018/19 with three socials, and are looking forwards to all of our future socials!


                           Quidditch Trials!                    Games & Movie night! Playing Cards against Muggles                    The White T-Shirt social!                     


We will be holding several larger events throughout the year, all raising money for our chosen charity- LUMOS!

  • October 15th- PotterSoc Quiz! 
  • December 10th- Christmas Yule Ball!


Your Committee! 

Who's behind the magic of PotterSoc? Meet your 10-strong committee!

  • Chair- Amber Elliott-Jarvis
  • Secretary- Tasha Marino
  • Health&Safety- Rebecca McNally
  • Treasurer- Harry Collicutt
  • Social Secretary- Lorraine Aldrige
  • Media Secretary- Amy Fry
  • Volunteering Officer- Jessica Oates
  • School Liason Officer- Ellie Jane Lennie
  • Fundraising Officer- Jasmine Beer
  • Quidditch Officer- Cara Kinnear

September Update!

Find us on social media!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/upsuharrypottersoc/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HPSOCPLYM
Instagram: upsu_harrypottersociety

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