Geek Society

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So you want to hear about us huh?

Well if you’re interested any of the following:

  • Videogames (Overwatch, Tekken, etc)
  • Comics (Marvel, Image, Dc, Dark Horse, etc)
  • Conventions (London Comic Con and Devcon)
  • Sci-Fi and Fantasy Movie Marathons (Star Wars, LOTR, Ghostbusters, etc)
  • TV (GOT, Walking Dead, Daredevil, Buffy, etc)
  • Cartoons (Gravity falls, Adventure time, etc)

And most importantly, making new friends then this society is for you.


Socials we host include:

  • Geeky Movie Screenings  (held all year)
  • Themed Drinking Socials (from Star Wars to Superheroes, held all year)
  • Game nights (held all year, from retro games to brand-spanking new ones)
  • TV and Film Marathons (held all year)


Events we plan on hosting include:

  • A Big Comic Con Trip (date and venue to be determined at a later date)
  • Cinema trips (to see big films, such as Star Wars and New Marvel/DC releases)
  • Laser Tag and Bowling (date and venue to be determined at a later date)

Members are also free to throw in their own ideas.