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About Us! 

We are a society focused on all things Geek! We host WEEKLY socials so students can meet people with similar interests and participate in fun events! 

if you’re interested any of the following:

  • Videogames (Overwatch, Smash Bros, Guitar Hero, etc)
  • Esports (Competitive and just for fun!) 
  • Comics (Marvel, Image, Dc, Dark Horse, etc)
  • Conventions (London Comic Con and Devcon)
  • Sci-Fi and Fantasy Movie Marathons (Star Wars, LOTR, Ghostbusters, etc)
  • TV (GOT, Walking Dead, Daredevil, Buffy, Star Trek, etc)
  • Cartoons (Rick and Morty, Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, etc)

And most importantly having fun then this society is for you!


Socials we host include:

  • Cinema Trips to see Geeky Movies!
  • Themed Drinking Socials! 
  • Game nights! From retro games to modern consoles! 
  • Gaming Tournaments! Engage in friendly competitions! 
  • TV and Film Marathons- with pizza! 
  • Geeky Quizzes!
  • Comic conventions!

And more!


Events we plan on hosting include:

  • A Big Comic Con Trip (date and venue to be determined at a later date)
  • Cinema trips (to see big films, such as Star Wars and New Marvel/DC releases)
  • Laser Tag and Bowling (date and venue to be determined at a later date)

We also want to hear from YOU! What socials do you want? Use the links below to let us know!

Our social medias!

Give the Geek Soc FB page a like to keep up to date with socials!:

Members Only Group:

Geek Soc Discord:

Esports Discord:

Alumni Facebook Group:



Check back soon for more events!



Oliver Higgins
Sam Wright


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