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The University of Plymouth Games Society is one of the oldest (we have existed before the university) and largest societies with a broad range of members from those who've been gaming for years to those who have only ever played monoply. 
The University of Plymouth Games Society is a society that focuses on anything you play on a table.Be it, Trading Card Games (Magic the Gathering), Board Games (Settlers of Catan, Werewolves, etc), Table Top Wargaming (Warhammer), or even role playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder.
Any and all skill levels are welcome, even if you have never played any of this before this is the society that can get you started!

The following video details the changes to how we will be run this year.

Events & Socials:

This year due to the current pandemic our socials and events will be hosted online via our Discord server ( These Socials can vary form quiz nights, online drinking nights or even movie nights. Fortnightly socials will be hosted on discord as will gaming events or society meetings. We play Magic the gathering online or at The Venue (one of Plymouth's game shops).

We host and organise several Dungeon and Dragon pitches throught the year. At these events a variety of Dungeon Matsers will pitch thier campaigns to prospecrtive players. This is designed to let you listen to a variety of different campaigns and find the setting that intrests you the most. This will also result in an automatically generated palygroup for the campaign. If you are interested in DM'ing a campaign please contact the committee. 
We also run events designed to teach people how to play some of the games played at the society, dont hesitate to ask our members or commitee for an introductory session.

Social Media:

Annual Members Facebook group for active members:

Society Discord:

Alumni and others Facebook group:

Our Alumni and others facebook page is open for any one to join, we do however have an annual group that is only open to this years current members where event and other important information will be posted to keep our active members up to date. 

We also have a new instagram account - gamesoc_upsu - follow to see fun updates and behind the scenes moments with your committee.


T-shirts and hoodies with the society logo on are avaible at various points throughout the year. These windows will typically be around the end of first term and the end of the year. We will also be offering enamel pin badges, stickers and dice bags among other things, at points throughout the year.

Membership Deals: 

Members of UPSU Games Society also get an exclusive 10% discount with our sponsors GI games in Plymouth, if you use your society membership card.  



Check back soon for more events!



Keelan Underwood
Safety Officer
Hannah Thomas
James Gilbert
Alexander Teague


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