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For the first time in forever, there is a Disney society, where we can chat and enjoy everything that is Disney. Included in our extravagant membership offer are: film nights, pub nights and other socials, so be prepared for all-round Disnerd fun. So never grow up - it’s a small world after all, and be our guest with the Disney Society! (Jazz hands and pixie dust optional).



  • We will be having regular film nights where you can feel free to bring along snacks and alcohol (if wanted). These will occur on a monthly basis minimum.
  • Pub nights where we will group together to chat about both disney related things and non-disney related things.
  • Disney quiz nights - for all of those who want to show us their inner disnerds!
  • Disney karaoke for those of us who are more daring!
  • Arrange cinema trips for when new disney films come out.
  • Also, seasonal events, such as a halloween party, a winter movie marathon etc.


Fundraising and Events

Unfortunately none of us are Aladdin, and therefore we're not in possession of a magic lamp, so fundraising is required for certain events.

Some fundraising ideas we have in mind are:

  • Bake sales
  • Seasonal parties which will have fundraising opportunities to support our chosen charity, Make a Wish

Our chosen charity is Make-A-Wish UK because we want to support making dreams come true. After all, a dream is a wish your heart makes!


Social Media

Facebook group:

If you have any further questions, feel free to email us, contact us on through the facebook group and/or the facebook page and if all else fails, you can contact us through our personal facebooks. :)



Check back soon for more events!



Gillian Cooper
Safety Officer
Lilli Beeley
Emily Kee
Jessica-Louise Sheppard


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